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Choosing the right surface for your call...

  • Slate is by far the most forgiving and versatile, making it a great choice for the beginner and pro as well. Slate offers amazing sound quality, but is the most vulnerable to moisture.
  • Glass and Crystal offer a sharper sound than slate, making it great for cuts and cackles. While it is more weather resistant than slate, it requires frequent conditioning for optimal sound.
  • Aluminum has a very bright and nasally sound. Aluminum can be described as more "finicky" than glass or slate, but can accomplish any sound that a turkey makes, especially realistic kee-kee runs. Excellent weather resistance and low maintenance.
  • Copper is in a class all by itself. Copper is ultra raspy and nasally. It is effective in some cases as a locator because it hits a certain pitch that none of the others do. It is a blast to run, but would not recommend for a true beginner.

Conditioning your call...

  • Slate should be occasionally scuffed lightly with a scotch-brite pad. Avoid touching the surface, due to oils from your skin soaking into the surface.
  • Glass and Crystal should be scuffed with 80-120 grit sandpaper perpendicular to the direction of your striker motion. The heavier grit will produce a raspier sound. It is recommended to recondition each time you begin a hunt and after every few calling sessions.
  • Anodized aluminum should never be conditioned with sandpaper. Should it ever "slick over", clean it thoroughly with an alcohol wipe. You may lightly buff it with scotch-brite, only if necessary.
  • Copper should be scuffed with scotch-brite.